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Optimum Health Hub distributes 100% organic nutritional supplements that have no side effects and are drug, alcohol and
chemical free.
They deal with the root causes of diseases as they detox/clean the body and enhance the function of internal body organs to ensure every organ performs and plays its role in disease prevention and minimisation of the speed in which bacterias and viruses enter the body

About Us

We are a team of specialists using homeopathic treatment. We provide knowledge about alternative healing by following an optimum health cycle
that involves body detox, organ enhancement and disease prevention and/or disease relapse. This is made possible by the various herbal products we supply.

Superlife products

Our green, black and herbal wellness teas are made to do more than just taste good.
From floral and soothing Honey Lavender Stress Relief tea to spicy and warming Ginger tea, our best selling teas are a naturally tasty way to support your body and mind.

The Best In Herbs

From nature, beyond nature, back to nature. OHH has set up this herbal health system that is aimed at providing universal health coverage, render quality and affordable services to everyone regardless of financial and socio-economic status, but according to individual health needs. Our strength being drawn in that the herbs we supply are effective in reducing the
toxicities of toxic agents or other drugs.

We Deliver

We deliver an efficient, effective and quality driven online health service delivery through adopting the Primary Health Care approach that abstains from prescription drugs, but rather make use of nature for the betterment of the lives of individuals; and provide a wide range of superior award winning nutritional herbal supplements proven to be “food integrators” and readily available without prescription.

Eco Friendly

Our products contribute to green living and practices that are not harmful to human beings or the environment.

Organic products with great results.

Our products are healthier and safer for consumption as they are made from organic foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, roots, seeds.

Bottom Line: Our organic products are produced through farming practices that only use natural substances, without the use of artificial chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or  genetically modified organisms, free of artificial food additives; hence bringing out the best of health benefits for individuals of all ages, with potential to help the body fight all ailments and promote self healing.

Our Cleansers

No human being can fully control the environment around them. Our cleansers deal with most environmental toxins and chemicals you come into contact with every day that are toxic and come from simple household things like candles, carpeting, furniture, fabric softener, food containers, shower water and food.  These chemicalised products have a reputation of causing high neurotoxins, carcinogens, being hormone disruptors and cause respiratory irritants.

Our cleansers come in to play the role of building healthy organs that can work hard at cleansing the body of these toxins by detoxifying itself through four major organs; intestines, liver,
kidneys, and skin – the liver being the master organ for detoxifying of which a healthy life undoubtedly depends on a healthy liver.